DUI by Consent

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In accordance with the Tennessee DUI law, the owner as well as the passengers can be held accountable for another person committing Tennessee crimes including vehicular homicide or other offenses related to DUI. This means that if the driver of a vehicle is found driving under influence, the passenger or owner can be accounted guilty of a Tennessee DUI offense, too. In legal terms, this offense is called “DUI by Consent.”

Even if the passenger or owner of vehicle never drives, he or she may still be found guilty. Even if only the driver operated the vehicle under influence, all others traveling with him or her can also be charged and arrested. In a few cases, the owner can be arrested and charged in relation to DUI by Consent even if he or she was not present in the car when the driver got arrested.

DUI: The Penalties

Penalties of DUI conviction are applicable for both passengers as well as owner if convicted under DUI by Consent. Unique issues may also come up in case the passengers or owner have other DUI convictions as well.

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